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Live Music Transforming the Culture of Discourse

For decades I’ve had the dream of using my own musical talent to help make the world a better place. That youthful idealism needed to wait until this moment in time, when modern neuroscience would discover exactly how live music effects the brain, and how it can create the possibility for increased empathy.

Now, for the first time in history, science and music, working together, have brought us to a new threshold of compassion: a technique with the astounding capability of helping the leaders of the world negotiate. This is accomplished, quite simply, by having several minutes of live musical performance within the context of the negotiation (or conflict resolution session) itself.

Learn just how this works by exploring our website:

The Blog contains interviews with leading musicians of the world, discussing how they see a relationship between music and building a world at peace, or at least a world in which we learn how to listen and respond to each other with empathy and compassion.

Join the Conversation invites you to participate. We aim to create a Think-Tank organization that brings musicians and scientists together to address world issues.

What We Do describes some of the research work we are doing with leading neuroscientists.

References gives examples, throughout history, of this type of project – from the Congress of Vienna (1814) to the Christmas Truce (1914) to the early conception of The Resonance Project (2014).

Our nonprofit organization is young and is mostly run by volunteer efforts, but we do pay musicians, pay a consultant, have office needs, and the like. If you care to help us build a widening foundation of Common Ground and recognition of each other’s humanity in the world, please consider making a donation on our Donate page, or by mailing a check to us.

— Jonathan Dimmock, Founder